Crazy X-Saber Infinite LP Loop

Haha, just saw some crazy infinite Life Points loop with X-Sabers today 😀

You’re wondering how it works?

  • First you need X-Saber Palomuro in grave
  • Set Rainbow Life in your turn and set something like Emmersblade, Giant Rat or just some stuff that can special summon your XX-Saber Emmersblade out when attacked
  • Make sure that in your turn no cards of your opponent can stop you from summoning, like Solemn Warning/Judgement or Torrential Tribute (With MST at 3, Heavy Storm, Night Beam that shouldn’t be a problem)
  • Activate Rainbow Life, attack a stronger Monster than your X-Saber (Emmersblade would be the best to use), gain the LP amount and special summon Palomuro with his own effect by paying 500 LP (Make sure that you gain more than 500 LP 😀 )
  • Get your Special Summon from Emmersblade, call out a second Palomuro from your deck
  • Attack with the first Palomuro and gain the LP
  • Attack with the second and gain the LP, then he goes to grave
  • Activate the first Palomuro’s effect in grave and pay 500 LP to summon him
  • Do this over and over again to have infinite LP

Cards that are used in this loop:

XX-Saber Emmersblade


X-Saber Palomuro


Rainbow Life

Rainbow Life

Additional Comment:

You can perfectly play your Exodia strategy with that, or play some Final Countdown. Everything is possible. I’m just wondering what the judges at the tourneys will say when they see this loop?!?

Basically you can’t lose because there’s no way I can think of to get your Life Points to Zero with that huge amount of LP. You just have to sit and wait until he decks out or your strategy finally succeeded.

So have fun with this, but don’t overuse this as that’s only a trolling strategy introduced here by myself and I do not intend you to make use of this “bug” 😀

Oh, and Greetings to the one who invented this loop. I think his name was Dalek and something more, but I don’t remember anymore 😀

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