Stupid Banlist Predictions All Over The Web

I’m kinda overbored with these banlist prediction all over the net… Well I do have my own thoughts on the coming September 2012 banlist, but all those bloggers do are banlist prediction based on decks they hate and whining about losing to them (they don’t admit it directly, but that’s what you can assume, when you’re reading them…)

There are some loops or strategies that are unfair, like the Wind-Up handloop or the gishki counterpart, which is even stronger, but aside from that? People whining about Chaos Dragons, Xyz Bubble Beat Heros (WTF? never had problems against any of these builds..), Inzektors.

I can’t stand that whining from everywhere… true that there are some cards worth banning because they create a real big advantage and guarantees you a 80% win, but like I said before: If you can’t cope with the speed of the deck, either you built your deck wrong or you didn’t have the right means to stop them.

Just look at Chaos Dragons: It can be stopped by so many ways, Macro Cosmos (Skill Drain decks/Dino Rabbit decks), Dimensional Fissure (Inzektors), Imperial Iron Wall (all other decks that doesn’t need removing). Game 2 for Chaos Dragon is really no fun, as all these cards can and will be sided.

Inzektors: Effect Veiler (spamable in almost every deck), D.D. Crow (like Veiler), Skill Drain (Dino Rabbit/Dark World), Macro Cosmos

Guys, make a REAL banlist prediction and not what you are hoping for. I do like Chaos Dragons, but I’m still aware of the fact, that Future Fusion generates a huge advantage for yourself if it goes through. Therefore it’s worth banning it.

Some people even say bringing back Witch of The Black Forest, Magician of Faith or Tsukuyomi wouldn’t be a problem, as the speed of today’s meta doesn’t really give them a real chance anymore.

All I gotta say is: LOL

I set witch in turn one and you kill it? No problem, I search for Pulsar and kill you next turn instantly. Magician of Faith is just as similiar: being able to reuse one of this overpowered spells is far too overpowered.

What can you really do to counter that? Playing Mind Control is the only thing I can think of, and this card is surely to be hit by the next banlist. And even so you have to predict if that’s really a set Magician Of Faith.

I would definitely use Tsukuyomi in my Chaos Dragon deck, if it comes back. Why? A Book of Moon every turn is just far too strong to be ignored, as she comes back to hand every turn, even if veilered, as you can decide as the Turn player what happens in the End Phase first. In addition to that she’s DARK attribute.

I don’t know if I should make my own banlist prediction, but I’ll try to be objective.

Well now my prediction (NOT a want list, but a list I thought of using my experience and drawing conclusions out of that)


  • Future Fusion (generates too much advantage in a Chaos Dragon deck and the deck can still survive even without Future Fusion)
  • Wind-Up Hunter (makes the handloop possible, killing/Limiting Zenmighty would also be an option, but this would also kill the Xyz spamming aspect of Wind-Ups)
  • Brionac (love this monster, but there are so many loops this card can enable because it’s not a once per turn effect)
  • Mind Control (every time I dueled and had this in early game I’ve won with my Dragons, just unfair, as it has no costs and you can sync/Xyz with the monster and preventing your opponent from using the effect of the monster)


  • Inzektor Dragonfly (Limiting this to one stops them spamming the field full of monsters while still popping everything in it’s way with Hornet; semi is ok, too)
  • Ultimate Offering (enables Gadgets to spam the field with Xyz’s and gaining hand advantage at the same time, so it’s a bit unfair, don’t you think? Maybe it will even be banned, but I think Limit is okay)
  • Evolzar Laggia (I’m sorry my friend, but you’re a walking Solemn Judgement with nice ATK, so you gotta be limited; did a real good job in all duels for me)
  • Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon (Well this guy is probably my best friend since he came out, so I’m sorry to announce this, but I think you too will be limited, for preventing too easy Gustav Max, and nerfing Chaos Dragons)


  • Rescue Rabbit (this guy makes Dino Rabbit so consistent, and semi-limiting him doesn’t kill the deck, but makes it a bit more inconsistent and reduces the chance of a turn 1 Laggia)
  • Mezuki (isn’t really the big threat anymore, in my opinion, but I’m always open for explanation countering this)
  • Scape Goat (not that powerful as it was before, considering the nowadays meta is ruled by Xyz’s and not Synchros anymore, can prevent from being otk’d too)
  • Mirror Force (almost no impact nowadays and watching how less Torrential did change the playstyle, Mirror Force doesn’t deserve the Limit anymore)


  • Spore (didn’t really deserve the ban, Konami did an overkill, while trying to nerf Plant Synchro; but Glow-Up has to stay banned)
  • Summoner Monk (doesn’t really do anything anymore and is just used as a toolbox to call something out, not that advantage creator anymore except in Genex Blast Decks)
  • Destiny Draw (doesn’t really give that big impact anymore, considering the speed of nowadays decks, comparing them to TeleDAD in the past)
  • Magic Cylinder (not worth on the banlist anymore as nobody plays it and it’s not that big threat anymore

Well that’s what I think that Konami will do, but there could be some things missing, because I forgot them or I didn’t really thought of some other aspects of the cards I didn’t mention.

I repeat it again this is by no means a WISH-list, but a prediction of what could be.

Additional Comment:

Dark Magician Of Chaos is not gonna come back, if it will I’ll definitely abuse him in my Magical deck (called Prophecy nowadays)  to an extent that they will regret it 😛

All images are linked from Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia.


7 comments on “Stupid Banlist Predictions All Over The Web

  1. I think this prediction is pretty spot-on from what I’ve seen. coming back from a break and seeing the TCG meta now there has to be an answer for the top tier decks. All we can do now is wait until September 1st gets here and see what is actually set in stone, and not all these speculations and fake leaks I’ve been seeing everywhere.

    • Yeah thank you for your approvement, I think they will balance some top tier decks, including the ones I mentioned, maybe more or less, but I don’t think they won’t do anything at all or make it that extreme as some haters propose. I personally don’t hate any deck, I just don’t like facing some, that’s all. There are people although who whine about every single meta deck and want it to be crippled to an extend, that it isn’t playable anymore just because they can’t win, saying that these meta decks are boring.

      Well to be 100% sure we do have to wait for the final release of the September 2012 banlist.

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