Magical Spellbook Deck

As promised here’s my test version of Magical Spellbooks. Well first the monsters were called Magical, but nowadays they’re known as Prophecy. Ah, and I’m not dead and I did meet some beautiful girls, but not THE one. 😀

The Prophecy archetype improved a lot since they first came out, although the multiple name changes confused me a bit. If you look carefully at the artwork of the Prophecy archetype you will realize that it’s really different from the standard Yu-Gi-Oh! artwork but in a way resembles the artwork of Magic: The Gathering. In my opinion this change isn’t bad,  but some people are implying Konami of copying the style, because Konami normally uses Anime/Manga style and cute (sometimes a little bit childish) artwork.

The most obvious card in the Prophecy Archetype that shows this would be Prophecy Destroyer, this card has a really good and detailed artwork and resembles some monsters on a cover fantasy novel.

But now back to the deck, here’s my current decklist, there might be some changes during the test phase and I will update the changes when I’m done testing.


Monster (16)

3x Spellbook Magician Of Prophecy (LV 2)

2x Justice Of Prophecy (LV 3)

3x Temperance Of Prophecy (LV 3)

1x Chariot Of Prophecy (LV 4)

3x High Priestess Of Prophecy (LV 7)

2x Breaker The Magical Warrior (LV 4)

2x Effect Veiler (LV 1 – Tuner)

Spell (19)

1x Alma Spellbook

3x Spellbook Of Secrets

3x Spellbook Of Power

1x Goethe Spellbook

3x Spellbook Of Wisdom

2x Spellbook Of Life

2x Spellbook Tower Of Prophecy

1x Heavy Storm

1x Dark Hole

1x Monster Reborn

1x Mind Control

Trap (5)

2x Compulsory Evacuation Device

2x Torrential Tribute

1x Solemn Judgment

Extra (15)

1x A.O.J. Catastor (LV 5)

1x Brionac Dragon Of The Ice Barrier  (LV 6)

1x Arcanite Magician (LV 7)

1x Black Rose Dragon (LV 7)

1x Stardust Dragon (LV 8)

1x Scrap Dragon (LV 8)

1x Gachi Gachi Gantetsu (R 2)

1x Wind-Up Zenmaines (R 3)

1x Leviar The Sea Dragon (R 3)

1x Maestroke The Symphony Djinn (R 4)

1x Number 50: Black Corn (R 4)

1x Number 39: Utopia (R 4)

1x Number 11: Big Eye (R 7)

1x Hierophant Of Prophecy (R 7)

1x Gaia Dragon, The Thunder Charger (R 7)

Side (15)

1x Effect Veiler (LV 1 – Tuner)

2x D.D. Crow (LV 1)

2x Soul Taker

3x Mystical Space Typhoon

2x Night Beam

2x Royal Decree

2x Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror

1x Chain Disappearance

Card Choices and Explanations:

Now you might guess that this deck revolves around the “Spellbook” Spell Cards with their Ace Monster ‘High Priestess Of Prophecy’ or once called ‘Junon The High Priestess’.

I still call her Junon as High Priestess is not a name in my opinion and she deserves a proper name. lol

Well the main aspect in this deck is to tutor your other Spellbook cards with ‘Spellbook Of Secrets’ and then use the monster effects that can be activated with Spellbook cards in grave or which requires you using a Spellbook this turn to activate the effect.

So be careful not to encounter Thunder King Rai-Oh as this card will wreck your deck or at least really slows you down. While speaking of Rai-Oh: The Special Summon of Junon by her own effect can’t be negated by Rai-Oh.

Why that, you might ask yourself? The Summon Of The High Priestess Of Prophecy (Junon) is treated as an Effect Summon and not an Inherent Summon like Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon/Synchro Summon/Xyz Summon. Rai-Oh can only negate Inherent Summons and can’t negate Effect Summons(Giant Rat, Shining Angel), Summon by Spells/Traps (Monster Reborn/Call Of The Haunted).

Remember that each Spellbook can only be used once per turn, except Spellbook Tower.

Now some card explanations:

Spellbook Magician Of Prophecy

You like to have some Spellbooks in your hand and this guy is the best choice for that. Batel (old name) is really nice first turn as you can set him or Normal summon him to get the effect, but doesn’t really have another purpose except of that, maybe banishing target for Spellbook Of Life.

Justice Of Prophecy

Justice is good in mid/late game, but I wouldn’t play her in early game when your field is still blank. Adding a Spellbook AND Junon is just too good, although it’s only at the End Phase.

Temperance Of Prophecy

This creepy guy is one of your main special summoner (calls out your Junon) therefore like to have him 3 times as I want to have Junon on the field as fast as possible.

Chariot Of Prophecy

I don’t really use him that often but sometimes it’s nice to retrieve an Effect Veiler in exchange for a dead Spellbook (which can still be used by Junon, when it is in grave).

High Priestess Of Prophecy

Still refuse to call her ‘High Priestess Of Prophecy’ as it is damn long and not a proper name for her in my opinion. So for me she is still Junon like before. As I said she’s your Ace Monster in the deck, there is the Xyz monster ‘Hierophant Of Prophecy’, but I think Junon is just more useful than Hierophant. I didn’t really summon her by her own effect that often, but it is nice that you can summon her like that. In addition to that you can still summon her with Monster Reborn if the summon is negated, as she can be Normal Summoned too. Don’t forget that you can banish a Spellbook from your hand too. I always forget that lol.

Breaker The Magical Warrior

He can pop a backrow card and he can suicide against a Rai-Oh, I think that’s reason enough to run him. I don’t like running Lyla here because of the random mills and we don’t want to mill any monsters or traps in our grave (except maybe Spellbooks, but I rather play them first and then when they are in grave I use them with Junon), therefore Breaker > Lyla in this case.

Alma Spellbook

This cards purpose is only to get back one of your banished Spellbook cards. Normally there aren’t that much cards in the rfg zone and it was stucked in my hand really often, so I just use 1 of them.

Spellbook Of Secrets

‘Spellbook Of Secrets’ is your main Tutor card (Searching card), with this guy you can search for all Spellbooks you need at the moment. Combos really well with Temperance, as you can search for the Spellbook you need without wasting a random Spellbook just to call out Junon (I did waste Spellbook Of Wisdom a few times just to call out Junon lol)

Spellbook Of Power

Works wonders with Junon, as you can overrun almost every monster with this Spellbooks power-up. Adding one Spellbook after battle is nice too.

Goethe Spellbook


  • If you control a Spellcaster-Type monster: Banish up to 3 “Spellbook” Spell Cards from your Graveyard; activate 1 of these effects depending on the number banished. Only 1 “Goethe Spellbook” can be activated per turn.
    ●1: Return 1 Set Spell/Trap Card to the hand.
    ●2: Change 1 monster on the field to either face-down Defense Position or face-up Attack Position.
    ●3: Banish 1 card your opponent controls.

The card is really versatile if you have enough Spellbooks in your grave to banish, but it can also be stuck in your hand if you don’t have any lol. Funny that they named that card after the german poet Goethe, probably because of his novel ‘Faust’, although this novel is really (j/)chunk. The Spellcaster on the artwork doesn’t resemble him or Faust a bit lol.

Spellbook Of Wisdom

Was called Spellbook Of Torah in the past. I usually use this card to protect Junon from nasty things like Dark Hole or Torrential Tribute. Really useful sometimes.

Spellbook Of Life


  • Banish 1 Spellcaster-Type monster from your Graveyard and reveal 1 other “Spellbook” Spell Card in your hand to target 1 Spellcaster-Type monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon that target in face-up Attack Position and equip it with this card. The equipped monster’s Level is increased by the Level of the monster that was banished for this card’s activation. You can only activate 1 “Spellbook of Life” per turn.

This card is really awesome sometimes for Synchro Summoning or Xyz Summons. It’s always funny to see the reaction of your opponent if you take away his monster with Mind Control and Special Summon a monster with an equal Level to Xyz his monster away. The level increase is sometimes really awesome. Don’t forget that you have to show another Spellbook except Spellbook Of Life.

Spellbook Tower Of Prophecy


  • Once per turn, during your Standby Phase, if you have a Spellcaster-Type monster on your side of the field or in your Graveyard: You can return 1 “Spellbook” Spell Card from your Graveyard, except for “Spellbook Tower of Prophecy”, to the bottom of your Deck, then draw 1 card. When this card is destroyed by your opponent and sent to the Graveyard: You can Special Summon 1 Spellcaster-Type monster from your hand or Deck whose Level is equal to or less than the number of “Spellbook” Spell Cards in your Graveyard.

‘Spellbook Tower Of Prophecy’ gives you such a damn amount of advantage, and if they don’t manage to destroy the tower when there is no Spellbook in your grave you will still gain advantage, as you can Special Summon a Spellcaster with a Level according to the Spellbooks in your grave. Normally you can at least Special Summon Effect Veiler, although I don’t really recommend that as you will normally want to have it in your hand instead of the field. Well if you can Synchro Summon something good, why not?

Remember that the drawing part is only in your Standby Phase, so it has to survive a turn to use this drawing effect. I’ve seen a lot of people using it in the main phase. And don’t forget that part, it always happens when I play Magical Spellbooks lol.

3 Spellbook Tower Of Prophecy will stuck in your hand, as you can always search for it with Spellbook Of Secrets/Power, therefore just 2 copies, in case that the 1st Tower is destroyed.


Additional Comment:

There are a few cards that I am still thinkin about:

  • Mystical Space Typhoon: Maybe I’ll kick 1 Spellbook Of Wisdom for MST (But normally Junon already clears the field really good)
  • Magical Dimension: Tested it in my past builds and it didn’t really made that big impact, but it often drained my card advantage instead (as i ran into Bottomless or similiar), guess I won’t play it
  • Alma Spellbook: Still thinkin about if I should use 1 or 2 copies of this card
  • Spellbook Magician Of Prophecy: Maybe 3 are too much, I’ll try running 2 and adding a MST instead

All in all Spellbooks are a force to be reckoned, although they won’t be Tier 1 in my opinion.



9 comments on “Magical Spellbook Deck

  1. I do not usually answer posts but I am going to in this case, great information?- I will certainly bookmark your site. Keep up the good operate!’s a Very good, very useful to me, Thank you very much for your post.

  2. Just like to say, Temperance isn’t a creepy dude. “He” is a she. xD Look at the art on spellbook of life. That’s Temperance. You can tell by the green hair and the robe.

    • Haha, ok I didn’t look at Spellbook Of Life, true that’s Temperance and you can see her being female. But I never looked at Temperance itself closely 😀

  3. It’s funny because we almost have the same build. But then again, I found a great info in what you have posted. I don’t use Chariot anymore, instead I use Tsukuyomi. Very helpful to the deck. 😀

    I only use 2 Spellbook of Power coz sometimes it’s a bad draw when Temperance is the only spellcast in your hand, ang no other spellbook xD

    What I’ve learn more is the number of Traps. Unfortunately, I can’t lessen the traps yet. But I’ll think of a way, thanks to you. 🙂

    • Yeah, I’ll use Tsukuyomi with the new banlist too. Nice that we have similiar builds, I’m thinkin on dropping one Power too cause sometimes it’s risky or dead, but I’m still thinkin on what to add instead.
      I think that next format will be more trap heavy, so you can keep the number of traps high if you want to (in case of Backrow wars).

  4. Wow, amazing weblog format! How long have you ever been running a blog for? you make running a blog look easy. The entire glance of your website is excellent, let alone the content material!

    • Thank you, I’m glad you like it. I’m running this blog since June/July 2012, but I got a music blog before which I quit because of the lack of time. Now that I got the time again I tried to make something different from music although I still make some music posts here.

  5. my problem now is the side deck. The new format is weird because we don’t see 1 deck topping in consecutive weeks(for now). My sure side deck cards are:

    2 Cyber Dragon(here in OCG Philippines, a lot is using Machina.)

    1 Old Vindictive Magician(for decks that have monsters like Shi En, Laggia, etc.)

    2 Dimensional Fissure(Dark World and Mermail are scary here.)

    2 Decree

    need 8 more. 😦

    • Maybe Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror (DW), Mind Crush (Machina Gadget), Spell/Trap Removal (MST, Night Beam, Dust Tornado) and Monster Removal (D Prison, Mirror Force, Bottomless Trap Hole, Solemn Warning). Cards I’m not sure about, but could be useful are Prohibition (Can be good if you predict your opponent well) and Debunk (so many cards activate their effects in grave or hand; like Gorz, Effect Veiler, DW monsters, Mermail/Atlanteans etc.)

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