Official Konami Banlist September 2012

Players from all over the world argued about how the banlist for September 2012 would look like and created their wishlist (or better: their hatelist), but now it is finally and officially out:

Konami published the Banlist for September 2012 and I really hit a lot of cards correctly with my prediction I made before, although I did miss some cards, that were rather unexpected.
Konami Banlist September 2012


  • Cards that are unbanned or released from a stricter Card Limitation are colored green.
  • Cards that will receive a stricter Limitation/Ban are colored orange


  • Future Fusion (as expected they hit Chaos Dragons really hard with this banlist but just read further, then you’ll see; this ban was expected and somehow fair)
  • Brionac (I did expect this too, just so many crazy loops with this guy although I’ll really miss him, guess the Synchros are almost extinct now, as the last really broken and frequently used one is banned)
  • I did expect Mind Control and Wind-Up Hunter to be banned, but well no ban, I failed here lol


  • Spore (Yay for unbanning this card, maybe Chaos Plants will rise somehow to Tier 2 with this release; I think they limited Sorcerer because of Chaos Dragons and the fear of a returning too strong Chaos Plants)
  • Inzektor Dragonfly (this was expected as Damsel really generated a huge amount of advantage together with Centi, while swarming the field)
  • Inzektor Hornet (I somehow thought of limiting this guy too, but then decided not to, because limiting both hornet and damsel would have wrecked Inzektors in my opinion, but I guess they really did it lol)
  • Chaos Sorcerer (this is really unexpected for me, never thought of banning this guy and I never had problems with him too; guess the reason why will become clear if you look at the next card)
  • Tsukuyomi (twisted feelings with the unban of this card, I’ll definitely use her once she is released, but I see a great potential to abuse her, especially in the badly hit Chaos Dragons and some other decks revolving around Flip Effects)
  • Evigishki Gustkraken (I didn’t expect him to be banned that fast, but I guess the loop is really mean, therefore I agree with limiting him)
  • Wind-Up Carrier Zenmighty (I expected Hunter to be banned as the handloop was the mean thing, but well they decided to completely shut down Wind-Ups)
  • Ultimate Offering (This was expected again, as the combo with Gadgets is really something to fear if you don’t have MST or similiar)
  • Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon (such a pity that he was hit like I expected, guess that Chaos Dragons are not that Top Tier now anymore with the new banlist; Hieratic were hit with this too)
  • No Laggia ban: Yay! Dinos are not completely dead like Chaos Dragons, at least one of my main decks that isn’t completely wrecked lol, I failed with the prediction here but I don’t fkin care, I can keep my Laggia 😀


  • Debris Dragon (couldn’t even express my wish on this blog or on other forums because I deemed this one as lost for all eternities, but guess finally my wish of reviving Chaos Plants/Plant Synchro is made possible)
  • Rescue Rabbit (right guess again 😀 I totally agree with this restriction, although I play them by myself)
  • Agent Of Mystery, Earth (hell yeah, Agent Fairy can make a comeback; wasn’t expecting this but I’m really lookin forward to the release of Earth)
  • Blackwing – Kalut The Moonshadow (wow, even Black Feather are revived again Konami is so obliging; I thought I was dreaming lol)
  • Tour Guide From The Underworld (saw this coming, but I wasn’t really sure, as I don’t see Tour Guide or any Xyz she’s able to call as a big threat; it is an advantage in a Dino Rabbit deck, I know that as I’m regularly playin it, although I don’t think that she’s THAT overpowered, to be worth a restriction; 2 copies seems ok although)
  • E – Emergency Call (I didn’t think that Heros will ever be hit again after limiting Stratos, but guess I was wrong; Semi-Limiting won’t kill them completely but it will make them really unstable I think as most of the decks only play 6-7 monsters, therefore every tutor card is needed)
  • A Hero Lives (They’re trying to hit those Arrive Hero OTK’s I guess, didn’t really have a problem with them and didn’t really play them a lot, but semi is ok in my opinion)
  • Pot Of Duality (Never thought this card being very unfair; well it does give you an advantage, but it allows your opponent to counter your strategy too, maybe they want to hit Dinos with that restriction? somehow unexpected …)
  • Hieratic Seal Of Convocation (thought about limiting this card too, but I deemed it as not that problematic, guess Konami has a different opinion :D)
  • Reasoning (You can do some really broken things with that card… but Konami thinks it isn’t a big threat, okay not many people know combos with reasoning, so maybe it’s not that problem)
  • Mirror Force (Totally agree with the release of this card, predicted it and the reason is obvious, as I said in my prediction post: Torrential didn’t really made an impact at 2 and Mirror won’t either)
  • Failed with predicting Scape Goat and Mezuki to be semi’d (maybe they forgot them? :D)

No longer restricted:

  • Necro Gardna (ok, seems legit; not ironic lol)
  • Marshmallon (don’t like this guy, but legit too)
  • Emergency Teleport (Haha watch Tele-DAD rise again 😀 ; don’t get me wrong I like playing Tele-DAD and I’m really burning to play it again)
  • Destiny Draw (same as above lol)
  • Level Limit – Area B (guess that Xyz are finally takin over; yeah seems logic to unban this card)
  • Swords Of Revealing Light (Meh I hate stalling decks and stalling cards, but I can understand unbanning this card as it’s not really that useful anymore as it was before)
  • Magic Cylinder (predicted the unban, but it was kinda obvious that Cylinder is goin to be unbanned)
  • Thought that Spore would be goin to unlimited as it is a once per duel effect, but guess I was wrong; Summoner Monk wasn’t unbanned too, really don’t see that big potential of him anymore

Additional Comment:

All in all not a bad banlist, although there are some unneccessary limitations like Chaos Sorcerer, Pot Of Duality or some overkills like limiting Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon and Zenmighty.

Well semi REDMD wouldn’t help much, as many are only playin 2 copies, but limiting REDMD kills Chaos Dragon almost completely and takes away the ability to ever call out Gustav Max (ok, you can still call him out with Tragoedia or something similiar, but it isn’t that easy anymore, as it was before).

Banning Wind-Up Hunter would have been enough to kill the hand loop, but just one Zenmighty makes Wind-Ups lose almost all their strenght.

Decks hit by this banlist:

  • Chaos Dragons
  • Chaos Decks
  • Dino Rabbit
  • Inzektor
  • E-Hero
  • Gishki Hieratic
  • Hieratic
  • Gadget (some Machine-Type decks like Geargia/Machina probably too)
  • Loop decks (Infernities and all stuff that abused Brionac)

Decks that profit by this banlist:

  • Plant Synchro
  • Chaos Plants (only a bit as Sorcerer is limited)
  • Tele-DAD (and all other DAD versions that uses D-Heros and Psychics)
  • Blackwing
  • Agent Fairy
  • Burn/Stall Decks (Y U do that Konami???)



5 comments on “Official Konami Banlist September 2012

  1. I can understand the hit on Chaos Dragons/Hieratic, Wind-Ups, and Inzektor, even though it was an overkill with the latter two. Konami usually goes for the supporters (like Agent of Earth.) Geez.

    And I am sad for my Hieratic Gishki build. I understand the reason with the Gustkraken/Messier 7 loop. But as someone who lives in the TCG world, I didn’t have that loop in the first place. Oh well. Hopefully they’ll release Zealgigas sometime. Gishkis really need a beatstick in TCG.

    • I understand that decision too, but I’m kinda sad, that Chaos Dragons just lasted for a few months and Evigishki/Hieratic build didn’t even had a chance in tcg.
      True that gishkis need some good beatstick, otherwise they will be good for nothing.

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  3. good 🙂 my custom deck is finally able to play in tournaments.. 😀 but anyways im surprised dark world wasnt hit.. since its main competetors are basically destroyed.. so im expecting that to top!! at least in the tcg..

    • haha ok, what deck do you use? Dark World? Well it is definetily a good pick and strong deck, but if there are more Dark World, the danger of a mirror match is bigger and as we all know the effect of Dark Worlds are really something to fear, if it was triggered by the opponent. So my point is that they will destroy themselves, if there are too much DW players. I would say that this is the format of Dino Rabbit and Heros as both of them weren’t hit that badly. Maybe Mermail/Atlanteans will be a force to be reckoned too, as they are really fast and have many combos.

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