Mermail Atlantean Side Deck Thoughts

Well I’m playing my Mermail Atlanteans for a while and got awesome results with it, it’s one of my favorite decks at the moment.

Oh yea, I updated my deck too. This were the major changes:


  • -1 Moulinglace The Spiritual Ice-Inhabiting Lord (too often just stuck in hand or wasn’t there at the right time)
  • -1 Mermail – Abyssgunde (3 are too much and Diva needs more targets so switching 1 Gunde for an Armsman)


  • +1 Mermail – Megaloabyss (much better than Moulin)
  • +1 Atlantean Armsman (So good in hand or as a target for Diva)

Side Deck:


  • -1 Night Beam (Never used more than 3 MST and 1 Beam)
  • -2 Chain Disappearance (Not really that useful anymore)


  • +1 Royal Decree
  • +2 Imperial Iron Wall

Side Deck thoughts:

Now like I promised my Side Deck thoughts for Mermail Atlanteans. It’s pretty obvious which card everyone will side against you, if their deck allows them to:

What can you do now to counter that?

Well first would be siding more MSTs or playing Royal Decree, but we have a MUCH better option, that is:

This card counters many decks, but it will definitely block out one of your biggest threat: Dino Rabbit. Dinos can play Macrocosmos with no problem, so they are your biggest threat as almost all of your your Mermail/Atlantean effects only activate in grave and not when it’s banished, so you have to take care of that.

‘Imperial Iron Wall’ now doesn’t allow anybody to banish cards, that means that Macro Cosmos’ and Dimensional Fissures effects are nullified. And it has another really good side effect:

Your opponent won’t be able to use his Rescue Rabbit anymore, as it has to be banished to activate the summoning effect Huge advantage for you therefore, but still don’t forget to max out MST in a match. Be careful of Dolkka although (well OCG still hasn’t this problem), as it has the ability to negate the ACTIVATION of your effects and not only once per turn. Another big deck type you can block out is Chaos Dragon and all kinds of Chaos Decks. They won’t be able to summon any big guys, as almost every monster has to be Summoned by banishing 1 LIGHT and 1 DARK, except Lightpulsar Dragon or Darkflare Dragon, which can be Tribute Summoned (LPD can be summoned from grave by dropping 1 LIGHT and DARK monster too). But either way you will slow them down extremely.

The other big threat would be Dark World which can use Skill Drain really effectively as most of the effects are triggered/resolved in Grave. But you got really good cards to counter that too:

This card blocks almost every single Dark World effect, EDIT: the only backside is that your opponent can still summon Grapha from his grave as it is no effect that activates.

Now the threat of Skill Drain:

Remember it’s wording: ” (..) effects can still be activated” that means concretely that you can still activate the effects and that means that you can and have to pay cost to activate the effects. Does it now ring a bell?

All your discard fodders effects will activate when they are discarded as a cost for a WATER monster, as these activate in grave you can stil use Atlantean/Gunde’s discarding effects even if the searching/retrieving effect of Pike and Turge is negated. Therefore the best solution would be to drop Armsman for an activation and destroy that face-up Skill Drain.

It does affect you although, as you will lose a lot card advantage if you keep on playing with a face-up Skill drain as you won’t get cards back to your hand through Pike and Turge, therefore draining your hand resources to zero.

The same thing applies to Effect Veiler too, just to mention it, as Veiler doesn’t negate the activation of the effect itself, but just the effect (therefore a negated Rescue Rabbit can still banish itself, but won’t get the effect of summoning 2 Vanillas).

LIGHT monsters are not that popular nowadays, as Agent Fairies were pretty much crippled and pure Lightsworns lost most of its players (due to various reasons).

But I assume that some Fairies will be back in the next format and we have the perfect card for that too:

This card will stop/slow them for a few turns. But you should be careful, as there are some Agent Inzektor builds are running around and an ordinary Fairy build can be changed into an Agent Zektor build with the Side Deck.

Crap artwork and crap card I’d say normally but when you think again, it might be worth a shot as it can trigger your Atlantean effects easily and gives you an additional defense line, too. Mermails are already known to be able to use a bunch of effects in your opponents turn due to Linde Special Summoning Pike/Turge and discard, but this card moves hand traps to a new level (yeah you gotta have armsman in hand for that, but just the possibility is too awesome). Maybe I’ll find a space for Dragon Ice in my Main Deck.

Additional Comment:

It’s official now that Megaloabyss Special Summon from hand is an Ignition Effect, that means he can’t be negated by Rai-Oh/Solemn Judgment/Steelswarm Roach and Atlantean effects DO activate when they’re dropped for Megaloabyss. Look it up here:

All images and effect texts are taken from Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia as usually.


2 comments on “Mermail Atlantean Side Deck Thoughts

  1. No. Shadow-Imprisoning mirror does not work against Grapha, as his ability to revive himself from the Grave is a Summoning Condition, NOT an Effect. You need to brush up on your rulings.

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