Psy – Gangnam Style [Official Music Video]

Was forced by a few friends to post this song here lol, it’s really funny and came over here to Europe like a pandemic flu 😀


Finally figured out how to paste in an embed video


Don’t know why but the embing of videos besides YouTube doesn’t seem to work with WordPress… so here the link to the vid:


6 comments on “Psy – Gangnam Style [Official Music Video]

    • He’s just an idiot, who wants some attention with an outstanding comment, maybe a racist too?

      I’m glad that there are some artists from other countries, who have success with their songs in their own language and they should be proud of their own language instead of changing to English. Sure there are good English songs too, but you don’t have to sing in English to be good.

      Psy is great, that’s all I got to say 😉

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