Chaos Dragon Deck September 2012 (Changes)

Changed a few things in my Chaos Dragon Deck, as I wasn’t able to fill my grave fast enough with monsters (relying on Normal Summon monsters like Lightsworn or Trooper in order to mill is just too slow)


Chaos Dragon Deck September 2012

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Changes V2 (September-04-2012)


  • -2 Jain (Didn’t encounter that much Rai-Oh’s as expected)


  • +1 additional Magical Merchant (Just so awesome, much better than every other milling engine)
  • +1 Reasoning (still testing, but it seems good as all your monsters have different levels; tested Card Destruction instead too, as you said Corsin, but didn’t really made that impact)

Changes V1 (August-30-2012)


  • -1 Effect Veiler (3 copies are really clogging your hand, so I moved 1 to Side)
  • -1 Plaguespreader Zombie (drains your hand resources like crazy)
  • -1 Divine Dragon Apocralyph (like to keep him but there aren’t many targets anymore like with Future; trying Jain instead)
  • -1 Forbidden Lance (didn’t really had the chance to use it or wasn’t necessary)
  • -1 Allure Of Darkness (trying Solar Recharge instead, as I increased the count of Lightsworns)
  • -1 Ryko, The Lightsworn Hunter


Magical Merchant

  • +2 Jain, Lightsworn Paladin (can run over TKRO, who will stop all of your Chaos monsters, cause they’re all Inherent Summons)
  • +1 Ehren, Lightsworn Monk (good in mirror matches facing Ryko and stuff)
  • +1 Solar Recharge (want to add 2 but still thinking what to drop)
  • +1 Gorz (forgot him lol)



  • -1 Royal Decree


  • +1 Effect Veiler

Additional Comment:

I’ll try testing it like that, but I think there’s a lack of DARK monsters (still thinkin about good ones; maybe Spirit Reaper) and I need to run 2 Solar Recharges, gotta test what to drop for it although.

All images are taken from Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia.


20 comments on “Chaos Dragon Deck September 2012 (Changes)

  1. I think this build could be good, but have you considered running a Card Destruction? With Future Fusion gone it really does help to play a Card Destruction as a replacement. It dumps your entire hand of lights/darks and you draw into even more lights and darks to go off with (such as the Chaos cards). Idk about your thought on this, but every single time I’ve dropped a Card Destruction it’s been an OTK.

    • It could be pretty good in early game right, but I think in mid game it’s gonna be bad if you drew it, cause your hand is already drained, so your hand cards will be probably 2-4. Unlike Dark World you don’t gain card advantage from Card Destruction (Broww, Snoww), so you will probably -1. But I have to test it, cause I think maybe it could give you a boost after all, even with that little -1.
      Nice idea, I’ll test it and thx for your input. 😀

  2. pot of avarice is good now can only 2 good CHAOS monster ( 1 bls and 1 chaos sorcerer ) is good ,i using this and monster reincarantion .

    • If you mill good, you can use Pot Of Avarice, but normally I want my LIGHT and DARK monsters in grave and not in deck, so I don’t use Avarice, but in Late game Avarice can be good; I still don’t use it, because I have 3 Darkflare, 3 Pulsar, 1 Sorcerer and 1 BLS, so I like having a lot of monsters in grave to remove. I have 1 Divine Dragon Apocralyph that’s enough of Monster Reincarnation for me (works almost the same, except that you can only take Dragons back).

  3. I’ve been using a Dimensional Alchemist in place of Future Fusion(and as a balance for having too many high level DARK’s) and it’s been helpful for recycling banished Tour Guides (after needing to banish them post-use). I agree with using Divine Dragon Apocralyph, he’s been sometimes dead but mostly kickass, Avarice has been really shitty for me, I’d rather just use Escape from the Dark Dimension to let me banish a big boy like REDMD or Darkflare, then bring ’em back. Monster Reincarnation can kinda work in the deck, but with that cost I’d rather just throw in Forbidden Chalice or Lance, they’re kinda built for any situation.

    • I didn’t try out Dimensional Alchemist in my normal Chaos Dragon Deck, but I tested it in the Chaos Zone Build and he’s pretty badass that’s true. Avarice can be dead sometimes because of your heavy banishing, but it worked for me most of the times when needed (well I did mill it pretty often but still got it into my hand unlike Monster Reincarnation). I agree with you, Lance seems to be better instead of Reincarnation. Never tested Escape though, could be good.

  4. Oh, for a good Dark monster, try maybe Dark Resonator, he’s a great little 3-star fiend, who’s either a tuner, some Tour Guide fodder, or with his effect he’ll sometimes save your ass, at least for a bit. Also I’d maybe suggest Interdimensionalpurplythorny Dragon, he’s been pretty useful for me (I’ve teched-in two Dark Resonators so with them he’s a quick Lv. 8 Synchro) Just a thought…

    • I never used Dark Resonator but he might be good, that’s true. I did test Damnlongnamepurply guy but he was always dead in my hand. Vice dragon did a better job when my field was wiped out and you can use it like Purply for LV 8 Syncs, although I don’t use any of them in my recent build anymore. Those guys were just teched in my budget build.

      • Kinda see your point, but at the same time I’m accustomed into running into this scenario: Eclipse Wyv. gets hit, Purply gets out, Spec summon any chaos ( pulls REDMD on Wyverns eff. ) REDMD banishes Purply to get out. It’s been a way to really turn the tables on a duel in a flash, and has contributed to why I think this deck still has some fight left in it. Oh and trust me, teching-in a resonator and/or a Night assailant has been kicking ass, having your tour guide brigade be a 5-monster deal is really great (2 tour guides, sangan, and either 2 resonators or 1 and a Night assailant)

  5. ever thought about a level eater??? i teched it in due to budget… i guess but it was very versatile. first its a dark monster, allowing you to pitch for lightpulsar and also gives you control of the grave for dark armed. also it can make xyz summonning more versatile and if you happen to use scrap dragon, level eater is a good target.
    one more thing… try teching in a junk synchron. you could pull out a catastor or a frozen fitsgerald quick.
    chaos dragons are one of my favorite decks

  6. Ever thought about running Fabled Raven? Has been really effective for me when I’ve been running it. It’s a Light monster so it’s good if it’s milled, also it’s a tuner and it’s effect is awesome, good for both synchros and overlays, in a pinch it can be used to get rid of a big monster on your opponents side of the field. I’ve run so many good plays with it, I think it’s really versatile, and it really helps with bringing out big synchros or a big overlay (provided you milled enough cards from hand), and it’s effect can mill from hand so it has that aspect. I think you should drop one merchant and put in a Spirit Reaper for a stall and an additional dark, just my suggestion though. Our decks are similar, so I’d be very interested to see how it works for you.

    • Raven is good for Synchro, but I don’t like to throw away a bunch of hand cards just to get rid of something, normally I still have something else in my sleeve when I got something to discard. I’d rather play Plaguespreader Zombie then. Spirit Reaper is a good idea although I wouldn’t put Merchant out as this guy is the best miller in this deck, maybe I’ll throw out Ehren for Reaper.

      • If Merchant works that well for you then you should get rid of Ehren instead. I don’t use Ehren (Even though I’ve been thinking about putting one back in.) either, but the deck has been working nicely for me with only one Merchant and a couple of Raven’s. I also run Plaguespreader and Spirit btw. But that’s the beauty of this deck, you can use different monsters and it can still work. 🙂

  7. Not to beat a dead horse, but if you’re looking for a stall to tech-in, I’d go Dark Resonator over Spirit Reaper. With him being a DARK tuner, he does wonders. I’ve just recently realised that my old Frozen Fitzgerald is just a Resonator + Ryko, so if you’re willing to try two in the deck, he’s the most versatile thing out there. Fabled Raven’s a great idea, but at the same time I’d not want to run another LIGHT in this type of build, and I’ve been itching to throw Ehren’s back in to deal with Zenmaineses. Also I’ll never be able to look past how perfect that goddamn Raven is in Dark World decks. But yeah, just to chalk another one up to the resonator 🙂

    • Yes, Ehren is there for those stalling guys like Zenmaines, Reaper and stuff. But I also did want to kick him for a staller. Resonator definitely does a better job than Reaper at being more versatile, so I’ll try him and throw out Ehren for the test (trying both Reaper and Resonator; although I personally like Resonator more due to being a Fiend -> Guide)

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