Hero Spark

Promised that Heros would be the next topic, right? Now I decided to go for a more control based version rather than the OTK Bubble variant.

This deck is originally from Shigure who won a 128 man tourney with his deck, congrats to him for this win. Now why did I pick this deck rather than any other standard Hero deck? Well you might know that I like control decks (I like OTK decks too, but I like playing mindgames with the opponent more, than just swarm and kill him in 1-2 turns).

There are really a lot of control elements in this build, which really suits my playstyle, but could not be the right thing for other people. One special thing is that this HERO deck uses Cardcar D, which is rather unusual, but it works with me and seems that it worked for Shigure too lol. In addition to that there are 2 Dualities and you might ask yourself: Why that? HEROs are supposed to Special Summon! But lemme tell you one thing:

This deck isn’t really focused on Special Summoning The Shining and the other Fusion Heros out, but rather controlling and gaining advantage with Gemini Spark and Hero Blast along with your Trap lineup and then you might explode and kill him off, but you could just sit down and drain your oppponents life slowly. You can Xyz and you should definitely, but sumetimes controlling the field a bit more is better than a risky try to OTK and overextend. Good thing is that you can keep up with strong monsters when they’re needed (just use Miracle Fusion or Super Poly his monsters away)

Now that I might have made you a lil bit curious, here’s the decklist (not the complete original one but a little tweaked for my own playstyle, but the concept is the same; I advise you to do the same, as nobody will play 100% similiar with the same deck, so don’t netdeck 100%, only try to follow the concept of the deck and try to build your own version)


Hero Spark Decklist

Monster (9)

2x Cardcar D (LV 2)

1x Elemental HERO Stratos (LV 4)

1x Elemental HERO Bubbleman (LV 4)

2x Photon Thrasher (LV 4)

3x Elemental HERO Neos Alius (LV 4)

Spell (19)

2x E – Emergency Call

1x Heavy Storm

2x Pot Of Duality

1x Monster Reborn

1x Reinforcement Of The Army

1x Dark Hole

3x Miracle Fusion

2x Mystical Space Typhoon

2x Super Polymerization

2x Book Of Moon

3x Gemini Spark

Trap (12)

2x Compulsory Evacuation Device

2x Torrential Tribute

1x Mirror Force

2x Bottomless Trap Hole

2x Hero Blast

2x Solemn Warning

1x Solemn Judgement

Extra (15)

1x Elemental HERO Gaia (LV 6)

1x Elemental HERO Absolute Zero (LV 8)

1x Elemental HERO Escuridao (LV 8)

1x Elemental HERO Great Tornado (LV8)

1x Elemental HERO The Shining (LV 8)

1x Elemental HERO Nova Master (LV 8)

1x Gem-Knight Pearl (R 4)

1x Evigishki Merrowgeist (R 4)

1x Steelswarm Roach (R 4)

1x Blade Armor Ninja (R 4)

1x Maestroke The Symphony Djinn (R 4)

1x Number 16: Shock Master (R 4)

1x Number 50: Blackship Of Corn (R 4)

1x Heroic Champion – Excalibur (R 4)

Side (15)

2x D.D. Crow (LV 1)

2x Maxx “C” (LV 2)

2x Thunder King Rai-Oh (LV 4)

1x Gorz The Emissary Of Darkness (LV 7)

1x Mystical Space Typhoon

1x Super Polymerization

1x Mirror Force

1x Transmigration Prophecy

2x Skill Drain

2x Mind Crush

Strategy and Explanation

Cardcar D

Well there are a few odd choices, first one would definitely be Cardcar D. This card is really popular in OCG and many TCG players still haven’t realized its potential yet. Why do I think so? Now first of a +1 is always a good thing, but the backside of this plussing? Yeah, you can’t Special Summon, waste a Normal Summon, so basically you can’t summon any monster this turn.

BUT: sometimes you don’t even have to because your backrow will be protecting you. If you have bad luck, your opponent will have multiple MST or Heavy Storm and you don’t have Starlight Road at all, but this won’t happen most of the time, so your backrow will be protecting you while your opponent has to use up his resources to get rid of your backrow (either summon as many monsters as possible to waste up all your backrow or destroying everything with effects). In case that this doesn’t apply you will end up plussing, while your opponent had to use up resources for nothing and still has a blank field. You see my point (and Shigures) now?

It does take some skill to know when to play a certain backrow card and what to target, but if you can read your  opponents cards well, this deck will give you very high chances to win the game. Just to make it clear this deck is not the appropriate deck for a beginner, it’s not that Autopilot as other decks might be, here you have to think carefully what you are going to do and what cards you might get; knowing how and when to gain advantage is helpful too (stupid example: you shouldn’t play Cardcar D when you’re thinkin that your opponent has enough cards to OTK)

Btw Duality and Cardcar D is an amazing combo; never forget to set your traps before playing Cardcar D! (Rule-Sharking is a worldwide known phenomena)

Book Of Moon

Book Of Moon is still an awesome card, you know? Most of the recent monsters have ignition effects and this card stops all of them. You can stop Synchros, Xyz Summons and fuck up a Dino Rabbit player, as he won’t be able to Xyz and both will selfdestroy in the End Phase (doesn’t matter that it’s face-down) 😀

Compulsory Evacuation Device

Compulsory Evacuation Device is also a great card like I said in the past posts. Why? Well you’ve definitely heard about using chainable cards if possible, right? If that’s the case you’ll definitely make their MST or similiar stuff a -1, as you’re still getting your effect cause you’re chaining your card to their MST and stuff. Many players only think about the One-Normal-Summoned-Monster-On-The-Opponents-Field-Situation, but there are much more situations like your opponent already having monsters on the field, preferably Xyz and Synchros, and you can just activate the Compulsory when you want or when you need it unlike Bottomless or Solemn Warning which can only be activated on the summon. To be honest Compulsory is one of my favourite techs and if I’m not running an OTK deck I’ll always run some Compulsory. So to summarize: The best thing about Compulsory is that you can activate it anytime making it more versatile than any other similiar card.

Next strange thing would be the missing Utopia/Hope; well this monster was left out intentionally by myself. In my opinion you got much better options than going to Utopia: If you need protection, go for Maestroke, he’s much better than Utopia at this and has an awesome Book Of Moon-like effect, too. You need some damage or a big beatstick? Either go for Pearl/Excalibur if you need something big (for example running over an Ophion), or make some more damage with Blade Armor. Utopia will always fall prey to Dark Hole and stuff; Blade Armor and Excalibur too, but at least they will make more damage then your Utopia did. Merrowgeist and Roach are there to counter certain other decks (Merrow: effects that resolve in grave; Roach: Inherent Summoning decks)

Skill Drain

Skill Drain is there to stop effect based decks like Inzektors or Mermails, it doesn’t affect you really (except maybe Stratos/The Shining) and shuts them down effectively for a certain time.

D.D. Crow

Crow will slow down Dark World and Chaos Dragon; still thinkin about using Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror.

Maxx C

Maxx “C” will help you dealing with swarming decks like Hieratic or Wind-Up, to make sure that you plus and can refill your backrow that was used up to stop their field.


Did I already mention it? Rai-Oh is an awesome card against Mermails and Machina Gadget. Shuts down effectively Pike and Seahorsemen/Dragon Riders, works against all Gadgets and Gearframe, too. Can also negate Fortress’ Special Summon as it is Inherent Special Summon/a summon which doesn’t start a chain.


Well Gorz just made it to a side deck slot, as I didn’t had the space for him and when I tried to make space for him the synergy of the deck decreased; so just using him against aggressive decks.

Mirror Force

Mirror Force’s importance will rise in this format as the fear of Hornet is almost gone, so this card will probably be an awesome card again; good thing that it is at 2 nowadays. For that reason 1 copy in main and 1 in the side just in case of a swarming deck. Ah and by the way Starlight Road will be more important in this format as I think, cause there are so many mass removal cards, that it might be a good idea to play Starlight in the main deck.

The Transmigration Prophecy

Transmigration Prophecy will remove annoying monsters from your opponents grave or even recycle some important cards for you (Banished zoone nowadays seems more accessable than your own deck lol).

Mind Crush

Mind Crush is good against Gadgets, Mermails and all other decks that love to search; works wonders against Exodia decks.

Thinkin about something against Burn decks too, first cards that came into my mind were Royal Decree and Hanewata, but Decree will affect you too, so maybe Hanewata will make it, although I don’t have any space right now for it. But I think that Burn decks will gain popularity now that Magic Cylinder and other stalling cards are released from the banlist. Just one strategy against burn decks if you don’t have anything in your main and side:

Set MST and Gemini Spark every turn when you have the chance in order to destroy their set cards in their End Phase, therefore not giving them the chance to chain the effects.

Additional Comment

You got any other ideas or something to improve? Just write it here in the comments part (Bubble at the top of the post) or write it on my Facebook page (link is on the right upper corner of the blog or here).

Next deck will be Dino Rabbit AND Verz Rabbit, so double decklist next time, stay tuned.

All images are taken from Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia and DuelingNetwork.


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