Big Thanks For Hitting The 10,000 Views Mark

I want to shout out a big thanks to all my readers and fellow bloggers for hitting the 10,000 view mark.

Yuru Yuri: Akari~n  >.<

Thanks to you readers for supporting me with your views, comments and spreading the address of my blog. Thanks to all my fellow bloggers who linked my blog on their pages (I still don’t know how to make wordpress display your most recents posts in a blogroll like it works on blogspot; if somebody knows how to do this on wordpress I would be glad if you could tell me that; it isn’t in the widgets part -.-‘ )

Now what else could I write? – Well concerning myself, I will try to keep up the detailed work and continue posting monster articles with 2000+ word count to keep you guys up to date. Feel free to comment on every post I make, I’ll try to answer all comments you make, only annoying thing is the more or less hidden comment part, you can comment if you click on the bubble on top of every post (dumb designer of this open source layout did this 😀 ) ; the Facebook page is also open for discussions just post something there and I’ll answer you (hope you found that Facebook Like button on the right upper corner of my blog; you don’t have to like it to comment 😉 I know that some of you guys might feel too embarressed to like it; it’s not that big problem for me, you can still join the discussion if you click on the page’s name instead of the like button).

Special thanks goes to Lee Scyu, AndrewNg, Clarence, K’yde Ren, Chaosygo, AwesomeHazelNuts and Yu-Gi-Oh! Estragia for adding my blog on their pages, arigatou gozaimasu 😉

Wish me good luck for my exams in the following weeks 😀

Oh, and before I forget to tell you the next Meta candidate: the next post is about Dark World, an archetype that many people are talking about right now whether it will make an impact and reach the Tops everywhere in the world or not. My build will be a Dark World Turbo deck so look forward to it (will be up in a few days I think; few days means 1-3 days 😀 ).


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