Dark World Turbo Deck

This is a TCG Dark World Turbo deck and not the Fabled Raven build like some guys running in OCG. The original deck idea (this build) is from Joseph Truong who got into Top 8 at YCS Toronto 2012 (September 2012 list – was held on September-01-2012 I think) with this deck and in addition to that, he was the only Dark World player who accomplished that. So you might ask yourself what’s the difference between a standard DW deck and the Turbo Version? Well Turbo means, that you’re using some additional Draw Power like Upstart Goblin and Reckless Greed to get most of your combo pieces as fast as possible into your hand and thin out your deck. I tried to use Hope For Escape too, but didn’t had the amazing results I was hoping for so I dropped them for some protection tech (Torrential, Starlight, Book Of Moon).


Dark World Turbo Decklist September 2012

Monster (15)

3x Grapha, Dragon Lord Of Dark World (LV 8)

3x Broww, Huntsman Of Dark World (LV 3)

1x Beiige, Vanguard Of Dark World (LV 4)

3x Snoww, Unlight Of Dark World (LV 4)

1x Sillva, Warlord Of Dark World (LV 5)

2x Trance Archfiend (LV 4)

2x Tour Guide From The Underworld (LV 3)

Spell (17)

3x The Gates Of Dark World

2x Dark World Dealings

3x Dragged Down Into The Grave

1x Allure Of Darkness

1x Card Destruction

1x Monster Reborn

1x Dark Hole

1x Heavy Storm

1x Book Of Moon

3x Upstart Goblin

Trap (8)

3x Reckless Greed

1x Dark Smog

1x Starlight Road

2x Torrential Tribute

1x Solemn Judgment

Extra (15)

1x Stardust Dragon (LV 8)

1x Scrap Dragon (LV 8)

1x Wind-Up Zenmaines (R 3)

1x Leviair The Sea Dragon (R 3)

1x Number 17: Leviathan Dragon (R 3)

1x Maestroke The Symphony Djinn (R 4)

1x Number 39: Utopia (R 4)

1x Number 50: Blackship Of Corn (R 4)

1x Photon Palilloperative (R 4)

1x Gem-Knight Pearl (R 4)

1x Adreus Keeper Of Armageddon (R 5)

1x Gaia Dragon The Thunder Charger (R 5)

1x Number 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Killer (R 8)

1x Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord Of Heliopolis (R 8)

1x Number 22: Fran Ken (R 8)

Side (15)

1x Dark World Dealings

3x Mystical Space Typhoon

2x Twister

2x Deck Devastation Virus

2x Eradicator Epidemic Virus

2x Skill Drain

1x Dark Smog

2x Royal Decree

Explanation and Strategy

There’s not much esplanation needed concerning the Dark World monsters I guess, so I’ll try to keep it short (you know what’s happening when I try that lol). Please be aware of a few things before you play this deck or a similiar build (especially beginners): Dark World effects do NOT activate when they’re discarded as a cost (for example Hand Destruction; this card doesn’t trigger the DW effects for more info click here).
For more infos concerning costs click here. Most important part there:

In the lore of a card whose effect requires a cost, the cost description is separated from the effect description by a comma (“,“), a period (“;“) or the word to.

I don’t really like Fabled builds although they offer the possibility to sync, cause they lack the ability to take back a banished Fiend, which Trance Archfiend offers (ok, maybe 1 Trance and 1 Raven would be ok too, but I still like Trance more). The biggest problem of DW would be of course the Game 2 of a match and the mirror match (as the effects of a DW monster will be much better when your opponent makes you discard).

For the mentioned Game 2 there’s a lot of Spell / Trap hate in the Side Deck, cards that hurt you are for example: Macro Cosmos, Dimensional Fissure, Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror and some other cards. These cards should be removed from the field as fast as possible. Most of the players won’t have those cards in their main decks (except maybe Verz/Dino Rabbit or Macro Monarchs/ D.D. decks), but all decks that aren’t affected by these cards will probably side them in after the 1st game. But let me tell you one VERY important thing concerning Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror for a DW player: This card does NOT stop you from Special Summoning Grapha from grave, as it is not an Effect Summon, but only an Inherent Special Summon, the returning of a DW monster is the Summoning Condition.

Grapha, Dragon Overlord Of Dark World


Grapha is your boss monster in the deck like Master Hyperion in Agent Fairy or Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon in Chaos Dragons. He’s easily summonable from the grave, just returning 1 DW monster from your side of the field to summon him back from grave is one of the best Summoning Condition in the game in my opinion (most of the other similiar guys are just once per duel). Destroying one of your opponents cards when discarded is something you shouldn’t underestimate too. The Hornet loop might be a rare sight now, but a rampaging Grapha isn’t something you want to mess with. Just be careful that you don’t get hit by a D.D. Crow, if that happens you still have Trance Archfiend to take Grapha back, don’t forget that. Awesome thing about Grapha is that you don’t lose any hand cards at all when you summon him from grave so he’s basically a +1 every turn and it’s really hard to get rid of him in game 1 (mostly Chaos Decks will have the upperhand here).

Broww, Huntsman Of Dark World


This guy’s your advantage generator, he will make you +1 most of the time, if you discard him (or at least +0 and not make a -1). He’s a target for Tour Guide too, if the other copy is either in your hand (and you don’t want to lose hand advantage) or in your grave. There aren’t really much more purposes besides returning for Grapha and banishing for Gates.

Beiige, Vanguard Of Dark World


Beiige summons himself from grave if he’s discarded. Not much to say about this card except that you can probably call out 2 Graphas in 1 turn with him.

Snoww, Unlight Of Dark World


She’s your main searcher in the deck and can search for almost everything you need: Grapha, Gates, Dealings.

Sillva, Warlord Of Dark World


Had twisted feelings about him, I didn’t want to put him inside at the beginning, but tests proved that he’s good, if there’s no Grapha or Snoww in sight (Sillva‘s great in Mirror Matches too; he will trigger his effect after your opponent draws from Dealings or Card Destruction, don’t forget that; returning 2 cards to the deck is great)

Trance Archfiend

Like I said, I prefer him over a Raven, because of his ability to get a banished Grapha back (or any other fiend; but I would save 1 Archfiend for emergency cases. My extra deck is stuffed up too, so I would have to make some space for him that I don’t really have. In my opinion those Xyz’s are more than enough, DW doesn’t even need an Extra Deck at all (is better with one although)

Tour Guide From The Underworld

Tour Guide

Your Xyz engine and also a Fiend monster. I don’t play Sangan alongside because there are already 3 Browws for additional targets and Sangan doesn’t really have a good target here and is way too slow for a turbo deck. Trust me Sangan is not needed here 😉

The Gates Of Dark World

The Gates OF Dark World

This field spell should always be on your side as it makes you plus so much and it is one of the reasons why we are running Reckless Greed without having a problem of not drawing cards for 2 turns. Always remember that it boosts your monsters with 300 ATK / 300 DEF, I always forget that lol.

Dark World Dealings

Dark World Dealings

Dealings is one of the best cards in a dark world deck, so why do I only play 2 copies? That’s because of fearing a Mirror Match, if I see that it’s not a Mirror Match, I side in the 3rd Dealings instead of a Trance, sometimes it’s much better to have Dealings than Trance in hand (you have to Normal Summon him, but you also want to Normal Summon a DW to return for your Grapha).

Dragged Down Into The Grave

Dragged Down Into The Grave

Dark World is the only deck that can abuse this card so hard and to that extent (I think so). It will definitely give you an advantage of knowing your opponents hand, while you’re setting every Spell/Trap, leaving only the DW monsters, whose effects will trigger when discarded. I tried to squeeze in Mind Crushes (cause of Dragged Down), but they slowed me down or rather didn’t come at the right time, so I kicked them. Setting all your S/T is funny because most of the time it will only be Reckless Greed or Dark Smog, Reckless can be chained (in case of MST) and Smog isn’t really a must on the field. In addition to that a Heavy Storm will be punisshed by a Starlight Road (this happens so often, you won’t believe it lol; the amazing deck thinning abilities of DW could be a reason for always getting Starlight when needed).

Card Destruction

Card Dstruction

This card is maybe the best advantage generator you can get in a DW deck (well only if your hand’s not full of S/T 😀 ). Nothing else to say here, except that you can choose the order your DW effects activate, but remember that they all activate after you and your opponent draw the cards.

Upstart Goblin

Upstart Goblin

Thins your deck out, the 1000 additional LP for your opponent are peanuts. Makes your deck more speedy 😉

Reckless Greed

REckless Greed

This card makes your deck going into Turbo Mode, always try to activate multiple Reckless Greed instead of just 1, as the turns you’re unable to draw do NOT stack, so if you’re playing 2 Reckless Greed in the same turn, you will just be unable to draw for 2 turns. Also don’t activate this card in your opponents turn if it doesn’t get destroyed, always wait for your draw in your own turn first and then decide, if it’s really necessary to activate them because you’re running out of options or if you might be able to kill your opponent with 4 additional cards. Never succeeded in having 3 Reckless at the same time, but 2 Reckless happens really often.

Dark Smog

Dark Smog

Dark Smog gives you a huge advantage against decks that abuse the grave like Chaos Variants and some other stuff. Your opponent will most likely have 1 or 2 monsters in their grave, that you can remove and dropping one Fiend monster isn’t a bad thing either. Very expensive in TCG although, I don’t know the price in OCG.

Starlight Road

Starlight Road

As we’re playing with a full set of Dragged Down, it will be most likely that we’re setting all our S/T, therefore I think Starlight is definitely needed and will punish all careless Heavy Storm players who doesn’t expect a Starlight in a DW deck (I know, it’s not really usual, but makes sense; I do the same in my Bubble Beat Deck too). With all those Mirror Forces running around Starlight is even better.

Torrential Tribute

Torrential Tribute

Most of the DW players don’t play techs like Torrential or Bottomless, I like Torrentials although, cause they give me the reset option I need when a BLS or something similiar hits the field and Grapha is always easy to revive.

Number 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Killer

Number 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Killer


2 Level 8 monsters
Up to twice per turn, during your Main Phase 1: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card to target 1 Special Summoned monster your opponent controls; destroy that target, and if that target was an Xyz Monster, inflict damage to your opponent equal to its original ATK.

Giant Killer’s stats are not that amazing, but gives me the ability to destroy annoying monsters in late game, when all Graphas are already in grave or on the field and you can’t use their effects to get rid of your opponents monsters.

Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord Of Heliopolis

Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord Of Heliopolis

This guy’s a much better choice than Giant Killer, but sometimes you might be in a situation where you don’t have any monsters to tribute or can’t afford doing so, these are the rare times you’ll need Giant Killer.

Number 22: Fran Ken

Number 22: Fran Ken


2 Level 8 DARK monsters
Must be Xyz Summoned, and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. Once per turn, during either player’s turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card and send 1 card from your hand to the Graveyard to target 1 face-up card your opponent controls; change this card to Defense Position, and if you do, negate the target’s effect(s) until the End Phase.

Whopping 4500 ATK are amazing, although his DEF are meager 1000. Has a nice effect, but the resulting defense switch leaves him vulnerable. I think the name is a pun about Franken (Stein)?

Mystical Space Typhoon

Mystical Space Typhoon

I didn’t consider it to be necessary to main deck MST cause of Grapha, but triple MST’s are definitely needed in Game 2, as there are several anti-DW cards that are always popping up.



Why that, you might think, Twister is a bad card, you have to pay 500 LP cost and it only destroys face-up S/T cards. But hold on a minute and think: Almost every side deck cards against DW are continious cards (except maybe D.D. Crow). Therefore it is an awesome choice, as it is a Quick-Spell and gets rid of every annyoing card you might face. You definitely have to side in Game 2, I can’t emphasize this point enough, and S/T hate will be your main side choices.

Deck Devastation Virus

Deck Devastation Virus

A little tech against decks that like small monsters (there aren’t many right now, maybe Mermail and Junk decks).

Eradicator Epidemic Virus

Eradicator Epidemic Virus

Amazing tech against Exodia and Burn decks, works against some decks with heavy backrow like Dino Rabbit or Hero Beat too. Against Exodia decks: Call Spell; Against Burn decks: Call Trap.

Skill Drain

Skill Drain

Doesn’t affect you at all (except Trance Archfiend and Tour Guide) and stops/slows a bunch of decks (Inzektor, Agent Fairy, Mermail, Six Samurai)

Royal Decree

Royal Decree

Together with all your other S/T hate this card completes your side decking. Including this card you have 9 cards (3x MST, 2x Twister, 2x Eradicator Epidemic Virus, 2x Royal Decree) that helps you in case of Macro Cosmos, Dimensional Fissure and Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror.

Additional Comment

So now that we know what to side in, what should we side out? Well I’m usually doing this or something similiar, depending on the opponents deck and his ability to side:

Usual Dino Rabbit siding (or anything else that relies heavily on Traps), the most fearsome opponent in my opinion.



I do lose some speed with this siding, but with Macro or something similiar out you can’t do anything at all, so better losing some speed than dying to their side deck cards.

You got some comments or ideas? Feel free to post a comment here or on my Facebook page.

All images are taken from Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia and DuelingNetwork.


6 comments on “Dark World Turbo Deck

  1. I like and understand this method of DW, and I’m interested in playing it out. Now I have to admit I’m new to the new format of Yugioh TCG, with the new rulings, banlists, and card effects. But I have to ask, would Dark Bribe be a good addition to your Main deck as well as Compulsory? Instead of running Reckless Greed? Or is RG necessary for DW?

    • Well Reckless Greed is there for the additional speed. It is not that necessary, but makes the deck better. Dark Bribe can be mained, although I don’t like maining it, because it gives your opponent an advantage and I don’t like giving my opponent a free draw in this control format. I think that Dark World can recover really fast, even with a wiped out field, therefore I don’t side Dark Bribes. I only play Bribes in Skill Drain Valley/Malefic Decks.

  2. Great deck, I however HATE starlight road. I feel its too situational. Also I don’t like allure. I like the flexibility of dark Bribe. I’d add another DW dealing instead of allure. My deck runs 1 raven instead of trance, and 1 more sillva.

    • Road is just a personal tech, you can change it for anything you want, I like having it, because I always get to use the effect. Another Dealing is ok, I just don’t like the thought of a Mirror Match Dealings, I would keep Allure although as it speeds your deck up, and you can take the banished monster back with Trance. That’s also the reason why I have Trance in there instead of Raven.

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