How do you like the Layout of the Main Page (Poll)?

There are cons and pros for each choice:

Hiding posts

Means the top page just shows a short summary of each post and you have to click on “More+” to view the full post.

  • Contra:
    • You have to click more
    • You can’t read all posts from the top to the bottom at once


  • Pro:
    • Better overview of all posts
    • No need to scroll for ages just to get to another post (my posts are normally really long)



Right now all posts are displayed in full length.

  • Contra:
    • Scrolling down is really annoying (long posts)
    • Main Page needs to load longer as all posts are loaded (including the images)


  • Pro:
    • You can read everything like a book
    • The blog won’t load much longer with the Status Quo, in fact it’ll take longer if you have to load the full post again (You have to load the main page, then click on the post and load the full post)


Please take a few minutes of your precious time to support me with this decision as it will affect you, the reader, and therefore you should have the right to decide what you want. If you want to have an example of a blog only showing summaries on the top page visit High Level Gaming or NyNyOnline, a page of a friend of mine. That’s how the posts will look like on the main page, although the quality of my posts won’t change 😀

Thanks a lot in advance.



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