Official March 2013 Banlist

Hey everybody, Kahzel here and I want to give you a fast update on the new March Banlist which was officially released one day ago for those who didn’t catch it. Sorry to everybody that I wasn’t able to post my Harpie deck in time, I have to learn for my exams this semester and I got no time to write or testing my decks so I haven’t finish the post yet.

There will be some major changes in the metagame with the new banlist mostly Wind-Ups will be crippled with the new banlist as Zenmaity is now totally banned from the game and Magician limited. But let’s look at it step by step. I will only list the changes that are relevant, you can look the full list on the Konami page.


  • Sangan (I guess they want to hit Wind-Ups and Rabbits, but hitting Sangan is a bit too much in my opinion; Now you can Maxx “C” Tour Guide and scream hell yeah without worrying about a Sangan… )
  • Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity (This is a total overkill for Wind-Ups, I could be wrong like with Inzektors, but I’m 98% sure that there’s no recovery for Wind-Ups now)


  • Wind-Up Magician (That was somehow expected, but I didn’t expect them to hit both Zenmaity and Magician)
  • One Day Of Peace (I didn’t see that coming, haha, but it will punish those Exodia/Final Countdown Players, so hell yeah)
  • Solemn Warning (I definitely think they want to speed up the pace of the game if they limit the Warning and still have MST at 3)


No longer restricted:

Some additional thoughts:

Maybe I’ll try to run a Chaos Dragon deck (even with Sangan banned) or a Lightsworn deck as some might stop using Dino/Macro Rabbit. Both of them are really explosive and with the new Banlist they might be more viable than before. Mermails and Fire Fists are just too expensive and Fire Kings are still unstable without Yaksha and Wolfberk.


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